About MDS Public School

The MDS Public School Chandauli is recognized throughout the academic world for its progressive approach and commitment to excellence. Distinction and diversity are the twin hallmarks of its philosophy; educational leadership and scholarly achievement its mission… Honing a child is perhaps the biggest responsibility for all. It requires an environment that consistently nurtures the young mind, body and spirit and metamorphoses them into strong human beings, repositories of knowledge and skills capable of holding their own in the world outside. MDS Public School, Chandauli, is based on the belief that parents and teachers play the most important roles in the learning years of a child. With this view the school encourages a close partnership between the trinity of the learning processes – the child, the teacher and the parent.

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Our Vision

A centre of excellence moulding responsible citizens with outstanding life-skills to meet all needs of the globe A symbol of innovation committed to provide education blending head and heart, nurturing human and humane qualities. ”

Our Mission

To help young minds grow in a child –friendly environment for the holistic development of a child.’ We focus on the satisfaction of the child’s inquisitive mind through concept clarity. By infusing love and care into every aspect of learning, we, at MDS, convert everyday into wonderful learning experiences that leads to the all-round development of the child. Moreover , here the child gets immense happiness, complete freedom and the required guidance to grow and blossom in the happy world of MDS!!